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Alwitra - Flat Roof Systems

Flat roofs continue to be an interesting constructional form offering various fascinating options for design and interesting co-benefits like solar installations or green roofs. This holds equally good for residential and commercial buildings, as well as for industrial constructions and sophisitcated architectural projects. Only one thing is important: elaborate planning from the outset, carried out by experienced experts who will also consider interfaces.

By choosing alwitra flat roof systems you will secure yourself:

  • Decades of profound flat roof experience
  • A full-range system supplier of roof waterproofing for reliable, consistent solutions for your flat roof
  • The globally tested and proven flat roof systems EVALONĀ® and EVALASTICĀ® comprising of a complete range of technically and technologically integrated components for your requirements
  • Quick, easy and durable application by welding of homogeneous material
  • The right interface solution for almost every structure
  • The unparalleled alwitra service providing individual consultation

For further information how ABLE Waterproofing Ltd can supply and install a Alwitra system please call on 0208 680 7999 or contact us through our Contact Us enquiry page.

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